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Hardware and software re-branding for business growth

Hardware and software re-branding for your business growth

At Microinstance, we make every possible effort to bring you all sorts of electrical devices and electronic parts procured directly from our factory to your doorstep. We provide you with a one-stop solution for all customized products, including hardware and software re-branding or product selling under your company banner.

Why Microinstance as your rebranding partner?

Microinstance is a name for constant research & development in the fields of electronic products, parts and customized product manufacturing. We have rich experience in product testing and improvement, along with due certification. Our extensive range of testing equipment enables us to test and retest products to reduce risks to its max.

Any product improvement and addition are duly communicated through proper & timely training once you decide to rebrand the products with your label. Every product comes with complete installation support as well at the client venue wherever it might be.

Starting from installation to any tech support, software development support, and web-based assistance are readily available whenever you meet any challenge in the process of hardware and software re-branding. With us, you get complete engineering support along with service and maintenance from the start till the end.

Not only this, with Microinstance White Label partnership, you get a true upper-hand in the product manufacturing quality wherein you would be all in all to decide and customize the manufacturing process to capture your target market at any given circumstance.

Every need to extend your product line has a solution with us.  You will be independently working with products relabelled under your name instead of working under any other brand name.

Your business launching would be faster and cheaper with us since you are using ready to launch products labelled under your business name.

Also you would be completely free to set your price range and not bound to follow any pre-determined price quote by any other company. Determine the quantity, set your prices, and bundle them according to your market.

The best and the most attractive proposal is that with us, you are at the capacity to make more money by saving a huge in the development cost. We are ready to take your dream project to the next level. Call us for your next step.