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Home Automation; A boon in 2020

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A classic example of living in a smart age is living in a smart house. Technology has made impossible things happen and still continue to amaze us with its insane creativity, jet-speed advancement, and flawless farsightedness. The appliances and the gadgets that we desperately wanted after watching the ‘Smart House’ movie is at our disposal now. Reality is stranger than a science fiction movie. We can now live in a smart home like Ironman.

In 2020 home automation is no longer an unheard concept anymore. Popularly known as ‘domotics’ and an offspring of IoT (Internet of Things), it is about controlling the security, HVAC (heating and air conditioning), intercom, light and video-control, entertainment, and numerous appliances installed both inside and outside the home. Of course, this makes life efficient, convenient, stress-free, intelligent running on energy-saving mode.

Bouquet of benefits

Peace of mind, affordability, and remote access make this bouquet endearing. Knowing that your loved ones are safe, provides a great sense of relief. Rave reviews by homeowners opting for smart houses have potentially increased the demand to go for home automation installation. Home automation has soothed human feelings in that space.

How does it work?

Depending upon the need, you can opt for either DIY or complex home automation installation. The latter would require assistance from the manufacturing experts to install it or custom-make if required. If you are a starter here, then use the simple plug-in automation control. Through small control hub boxes which are plugged into wall-sockets, the appliances communicate via wireless device or computer or even a smartphone backed by internet connection. You can control the whole house, or a room or even a part of the room through remote control.

Who’s smarter?

As wireless technology users are on a sharp rise, the business heads are leaving no stone unturned to reap this lucrative business opportunity. For the purpose of making a choice simpler, let’s skim through the best home automation system 2020.

  1. Amazon echo- The obedient djinee Alexa lives to make the home smart. Powered by voice technology, Alexa is a standalone device to play music, make calls, set alarms, ask questions, know traffic details, and weather forecast.
  2. Google Home Hub- Working on similar lines, Google Home Hub is leading house automation. It has a visual interface as an edge and connects apps and devices through Google’s assistant.
  3. Samsung Smart Things- This single home automation hub is smart as it works through a mobile app. One of the striking features of Samsung Smart Things is its inbuilt battery system- a savior during a power outage.
  4. Wink Hub2- Completely wireless in nature, the set-up is fairly easy. It seamlessly organizes, coordinates, and regulates smart devices at your home, bolstering it to another level of home automation.

Keeping the trend in tact a revolutionary innovation in Indian market is brought by another electronics manufacturing company Microinstance. The innovative device, Digital Switch has proved to be best in creating a smart & cost-effective environment wherever you move. Through the Digital switch the aim is to handle digital signals through all channels of the established network is made possible and easy operable. Numerous unique and user convenient international standard features like IR remote control for quickest access to device, Hotspot operable through smartphones, easy access through home network via router, checking the status of the connected devices via internet, Restful API enabled and also hands-free voice control. Other software based features like Wi-Fi Remote, Smart access enabling shared and dedicated access of devices, Syncing the entire chain of connected devices to a single click with Smart scene, scheduler and shared control is designed to make your lifestyle a classy one.

We can have smart home basics, smart kitchens, smart bathrooms, and even smart pet-care. Do good research before buying reliable smart home technology as options galore. At the end of the day, the technology should take care of your home and not the other way around.