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When The World is Demanding You to be Smart, Remain One Step Smarter With Our All New Digital Switch.

A home and office automation is the need of the hour, and one who has understood is at utmost advantage in respect of savings from every perspective. Our smart devices are best in creating a smart & cost-effective environment wherever you move.

Ultra-Fast Prototyping

Made In India

Custom Product Design

Highly Secure

Production Manufacturing

Built-In Wifi

Quick Engineering Support

RESTful API enabled

With the Digital Switches designed at our laboratories, handling digital signals through all channels of the established network becomes possible and operated at ease. The features that make our products unique in itself are as mentioned.

IR Remote Control

Alike other electronic devices, the digital switch comes with an easy operating IR remote control. This allows the quickest access to the device. The functioning of the device becomes unimaginably convenient with the all-in-one remote control.

Wi-Fi access control

Even if there is no access to a router, the built-in access point of the digital switches enables you to connect it to the Wi-FI, which can easily be operated through the hotspot in the smartphone.

Home Network mode

Besides the Wi-Fi access control, the digital switches can also be connected through the router available within the home network. The chain enables smooth and easy switching between connections across the network.

Control over the Internet

This unique feature makes way for the user to check the status of the connected devices just through a click. When you are connected and linked through the internet, a single tap on the site brings up a list of connected and not-connected devices for your instant lookup.

RESTful API enabled

Not only for domestic support, but corporate operational convenience is also achieved through the device had to be RESTful API enabled wherein the hardware is deployed over the existing software being used in the corporate.

Hands-free voice control

The most significant and updated feature of the device is its being compatible with the latest virtual assistant in the market. A voice command to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can easily be connected with the switch and operated.