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The main reason for you choosing MoonLight over other conventional lights for your home is the vast power saving capacity giving a check on your electricity budget

Ultra-Fast Prototyping

Made In India

Impressive Variety Bulb

Impressive Variety

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Quick Engineering Support

Long Life

Most of the LED gives you a lifespan of 2 years that too with warranty. Not only this, but it also consumes energy upto 90% less than ordinary bulbs putting less pressure on your electricity bills.


The use of quality and imported plastic helps in solving the heat conductivity issue in conventional yellow bulbs. No heat emitted only soothing white light keeps the bulb body normal even after hours of being lit.


The Highly transparent PC lampshade allows upto 95% of light transmittance with 0 dark space and fully antiglare.

Screw Port

Nickel-plated entirely aluminium screw port with rolling capacity is highly common to be applied to any common household, shop windows or studios.

Imported Chip

High quality imported LED chip gives no break or dipping light at any capacity. The high lumen emits an ultra-bright light with stable performance and low calorific value.

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