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Acrylic enclosure manufacturing and solutions that you always desire

We are a recognised name among Acrylic Manufacturers

Acrylic enclosure like display cases and reptile cages for standard end products are examples of our dedication in client satisfaction over the years. A very challenging procedure has been established through a long period of hard work by our expert engineers who allow every cut on the plastic very delicate without slightest shattering. Acrylic enclosure manufacturing and solutions is a very creative task and are designed by hiding the glue directly into the enclosure. Not only has it created highly professional electronic acrylic enclosures year after year, but special treatment by the experts with specific application of glue has also ensured firm hold of the window on the custom electronic enclosures.

Our Quality finish speak about our expertise

Our expertise includes working on Acrylic plastic enclosures, PETG, Polycarbonate and other types of plastics of various thickness and colours. We prefer the use of coloured plastics since they allow watching the internal procedure of the device without even harming our eyes. We exhibit competencies across plastics of varied transparency, translucency and frost as well. Any design you have in your mind, and we will mill, form and glue it to meet your expectation level.

A reliable name behind every design

You can confidently rely on our enclosure solutions since acrylic enclosures proof to be the best for point of sales units and parts displays at most affordable rates with higher durability. So, when your requirement is any Raspberry pie, or handheld or wall mount, you can always pick acrylic enclosures to allow inside vision of the product. We understand the marketing requirement of our clients and thus provide the best acrylic solution to make the inside visible for our clients who would show their customers all about the device from a see-through angle.

Variety for strong marketing prospects

Our coloured acrylic usage makes a tinted window that prevents any damage through touching of light. Our wide range of services include various types of plastic enclosures like enclosure with smoky look, digitally printed acrylic back, captive screws, cover and use hinges, ABS plastic for smooth surface,  folding plastic designs to stand extreme outdoor conditions, decorative enclosures, medical applications, cost-cutting through multiple acrylic colour options and many more. We understand that ideas has no limitations and our experts will never lay back to design your ideas into reality. We experiment to touch your expectations. Let us know your next plan for any acrylic enclosure manufacturing and solution.