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CNC Machining Service In India

The term CNC Machining is commonly used in industrial applications and manufacturing. But do you know the acronym of CNC? It stands for ‘computer numerical control’, it is actually a subtractive manufacturing procedure which generally employs computerized controls as well as machine to dismiss the layers of material from a stock piece. That is typically known as the work piece or blank and fabricates a custom-designed part. 

The CNC machines tend to run by computers which convert the human input into proper movements through definite code. Computer-controlled systems improve the restoration and delicacy of the manufacturing procedures. 

Such systems have the ability to easily translate 3D CAD into CAM models, and that eventually means that no manual coding is necessary. The programs bring into existence the code based on the geometry of the digital parts without even putting any effort. 

Milling Process: 

The milling procedure is simply removing the material from a dedicated work piece via rotary cutting. The milling process has the potential to create shaping as well as details in a piece like shapes, slots, notches, holes, pockets, grooves and specialty faces are the all results of custom millwork.  

The shorn off pieces from each pass are commonly known as swarf or chips, which must be removed or pushed aside as the procedure continues.

Milling might sound as drilling but these two are completely different. Milling is one of the CNC machining services which we provide. There are different types of milling tools that we use to either mil axially, laterally, or both ways. Creating exactitude elements with a striking surface finish is possible with our CNC machining abilities. 

CNC Milling & Turning Capabilities

Our CNC machining capabilities involve 5 axis milling centers. Highly proficient operators can produce complex parts with one go, using live tooling. 

Our maximum dimensions: 11500x 1500x 2500 mm

As mentioned earlier as well, our machinery capabilities involve quite a large variety of possibilities. Starting from one-off prototypes to large-batch manufacturing locates an adequate partner for the job. 

We consider ourselves the best in the industry; give us a chance to prove our point to you. Get your CNC quote just by sending us the CAD file, our sales engineers would get in touch with you with a suitable quote based on your requirements.