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Electronic Components Sourcing knows no limit with Microinstance

Electronic parts supplier to a wide range of active components with most competent TAT in the industry.

We boast of being the one point source for all kinds of electronics, electrical as well as electromechanical products and components. We stand in a unique position in Electronic components sourcing. Microinstance proudly ranks among one of the few companies in India who deal in electrical, electronic, and electromechanical components in the entire country. We have been bringing to our customers a  wide range of semiconductors (both active & passive) integrated circuit, AC axial & DC brushless fans, limit switch & encoder, capacitor, proximity sensors, GSM/GPRS module, industry & home automation and power supply products. You take up any project, and we promise to stand by you with the newest technologies at the earliest.

What makes Microinstance a hallmark of reliability

We claim and is one most reliable electronic parts supplier offering a wide range of active components like Microcontrollers, Amplifiers, Clock & Timing devices, A2D and D2A converters, Data devices, Embedded Devices, Diodes, circuit components, Interface, Memory devices, Logic IC’s, Multiplexers, Temperature sensors, Power management devices, capacitor, Voltage regulators and Transistors. With us, you can rest assured to get every item delivered much faster than importing from outside.

Established name in the Industry

We have all resources, tie-ups required and certifications as electronic parts supplier to source every manufacturer with the most exclusive set of active & passive electronic parts irrespective of applications and sectors. The best part that all our clients come back to us time & again is our best rates and exceptionally short turn-around time. This becomes possible only because we do stocking at India only rather than depending on vendors from other sourcing countries and also because of our extremely reasonable rates.

Also, our vast market knowledge helps us to detect product shortages and stock on time. We believe in a policy to protect our customers from unnecessary price hike due to a shortage in sourcing. We not only supply but care for the pricing and production stability of all our clients. Not only this, with Microinstance, you will get access to diverse product offerings that are in-demand globally that too brought to you after a high-quality inspection process. Once tied with us, you will enter into a strategic sourcing partnership with one of the globally recognized electronic components sourcing brands.  Seeing is believing and you can have a look at our wide range of Electronic components in the gallery.