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Packaging Box Manufacturing In India

With the intention of becoming the preeminent name in the Indian packaging industry, we are the eminent organization highly engaged in offering a wide range of professional packaging projects that most printers might see as a threat. It took us years of experience and knowledge in this very domain to bring superior quality material for durability and strength. 

We always make sure to guide all our potential customers through a professional approach so that we can supply them with their desired solutions at the best price in the industry. However, as a customer, you will be able to notice certain innovations at either end of the spectrum. 

Paper bags (Customizable, excellent protection & recyclable)

We are a bona fide manufacturer of Paper bags. We deliver customized, standard & multifunctional paper bags that pair with proper packaging. The paper bags which you would receive from our end are durable, as well as have the ability to hold heavyweight. 

The materials which we use to produce these paper bags are 100% recyclable. Even, we give our clients a wide range of handle options to choose from. Also, the bags are accessible in different sizes and colors. The bags could be used for any purpose such as luxury items, fashion, and also for carrying special items with excellent protection. 

Rigid folding box (Indeed, the most amazing rigid boxes in today’s world )

Microinstance is an award-winning rigid folding box design manufacturing company. We tend to create our rigid boxes with an ideal raw-material called paperboard. These are available in varieties of colors as well as sizes. The boxes that we offer you are of high-quality and come with UV coating, embossing, and glazing. 

Food packaging (For hotels, bakeries and food delivery)

The material that we use for food packaging is completely safe, we ensure to prevent the food from decomposition and keep it warm at the same time. We keep all the options open for our clients so that they can choose the best among the different boxes.

The right food packaging always keeps the food fresh and is easy to carry around. We also offer customized boxes according to the client’s preference.

Advertising & Branding (Let’s redesign the visuals of your business and earn more profits)

We are here to help you promote your business by changing the visual components of your brands which will drive sales and profits as well. Redesigning your sales strategy will help you acquire and retain more customers. Let’s take your business to the zenith in the blink of an eye.

Promotional Printing ( Ready to pick the best paper type?)

We give our clients the chance to choose from a broad range of paper types such as art paper, duplex board, coated paper, offset paper, and paperboard. We keep a track of the quality from our end so that the clients do not face any issue. In fact, we provide digital posters as well; those are the perfect blend of style and colors.

With our guidance, you get the opportunity to pick the best font to pop up the message in the most impactful manner. Customers can also avail the

while gloss, heavy posters, photo gloss, wallpaper canvas, white matt and etc.

Fashion & Clothing (Give us a chance to help you grow your business)

In recent years, we have noticed the increasing demand for digital inkjet garments and thus we are fully prepared to meet that need of our clients. We use the DTG printer to print the desired art on any given fabric. Give us the order in bulk and we promise that you won’t be disappointed with our work.

Printed packaging box (What print do you want on your box?)

We offer a cost-effective and attractive printed packaging box in the industry. The high-quality paperboard which we use to produce the box is 100% biodegradable as well as disposable. We can print anything you want on the box. The boxes are highly durable as well!

Personal care packaging (Be it cosmetics or perfume, you’re at the right place)

We offer personal care packaging boxes with smooth finishing making it look more impactful. These boxes can be used for packing different elements such as perfumes, creams, shampoo, sanitizer, etc., In fact, these packages are so beautiful that these can be used for proper commercial use as well. 

Luxury packaging (Let us create the best packing experience for you)

Our Luxury packaging boxes are created with extra care to make it more valuable. These are specially made for high-end elements. With the help of our professionals, we offer the latest designs and we also manufacture these uniquely magical boxes based on your preference. Even if you want you can also decorate it with your desired accessory, that’s totally up to you!

Labels & Stickers ( Required for today’s packaging)

The labels and stickers which we create are customized and they also help an organization or brand to identify their products in a proper way. You can also get standard as well as premium labels. You will get a huge range of options to choose from, like clear sticker labels, bar-coding, numbering. Our professionals put their best foot forward to provide a superior look to the product and add some value to it. 

Those stickers are also available in aluminum foil, film, polyester, fabric and PVC.

If you have any special requests then please feel free to connect with us and help us get your desired product in no time.