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Top 5 innovations in the field of Home Automation

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Merriam Webster defines ‘smart’ as ‘having or showing a high degree of mental ability’. Fast forward to the end of 20th c. and early 21st c., ‘smart’ has a new definition – a smart idea, smart technology, smart home– moving from human attribute to conceptual attribute. Ask the silver generation about home automation installation chances are high that they would fall from the sky. Many of them struggle to comprehend the technology, let alone implementing it.

Staggered timeline

Although the idea germinated at the beginning of 20th c, actual house automation has only prevailed recently. A faint start was Nikola Telsa creating a remote control to operate a toy boat in 1898. Home appliances like electrically powered vacuum machines were manufactured around 1900-1920. Later toasters, refrigerators, cloth dryers and many more appeared. These appliances cannot be called ‘smart’, but they paved the way for ‘smart homes’ as we know today.

By 1930s, the founders were working on house automation technologies. Still, it was futile until 1966 when the first automation system Echo IV was invented to assist users in creating computerized shopping itineraries, turning home appliances on-off and regulate room temperature. The year 1971 witnessed the invention of microcontroller slashing the prices for electronic devices. Conceptualized in 1991, “Gerontechnology” focused at making the lives of senior citizens painless. Smart homes amassed popularity in the early 2000s and gained momentum in the last few years.

Toppers list

Internet of Things is a staple diet now. The best home automation system 2020 offers a buffet of home appliances. They are targeted to revolutionize and smoothen the way we manage our household work. We have handpicked top 5 innovations in the field of house automation here readily available on the market.

HVAC systems – Consumers, the first pick is Heat ventilation and air condition technology for their home environment. HVAC controls and regulates room temperature purifies the air and minimize humidity indoors.

Security Systems – Frequent burglary has increased the need for personal safety. Advanced security lock systems can turn the lights on-off for a pre-set time to impersonate that the house isn’t empty. Access codes are a part of home security, allowing you to give someone access.

Smart Refrigerators – Don’t worry if you return home from the grocery store and realize you didn’t pick an item. Smart refrigerators work on energy-save mode and are connected by Wi-Fi to track what’s inside them, take photos and order groceries via touchscreen.

Automated laundry – The washers and dryers do more than washing and drying clothes. While connected to wi-fi, the users can start or stop cycles through mobile app and measures energy consumption.

Smart Speakers – Voice-powered digital assistants are favorite family assistants. A by-product of technological advancement, they speak like humans and carry commands and follow requests.  Some are intelligent enough to prompt your claims and offer suggestions.

With a bagful of choices around, consider your budget and purpose. Comfort, security, convenience comes with a price, and if you are ready to fork out, then these stellar home automation installation innovations are your play field.